Lead My Way

A Global Perspective Of Domestic Violence

Winner of Best Shorts Merit Award

The Documentary LEAD MY WAY, A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE awareness examines the far reaching and long lasting effects that domestic violence leaves. It dispels any myth that a black eye or a faint bruise tells the complete story. Fueled by silence, shame, and stigma, the effects of domestic violence continue far after the abuser and victims have separated.

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The Secret Crimes

And The Silent Global Epidemic Of Generations

Winner of Outstanding Achievement Award

Nominated for Golden Fox Award, Winner International Independent Film Awards

The Documentary The Secret Crimes, and the Silent Epidemic of Generations dealing with on-going stigma about domestic abuse and intimate partner violence throughout cultures and generations. Often, repeating the cycle of violence and victimhood in next generation. Far too little attention is given to this issue leading to a lack of awareness on the issue. This documentary hopes to change that by providing a resource for everyone helping domestic violence victims in way or another, and others by educating them on the lasting damage of physical, emotional, verbal or sexual violence and how it can be prevented. Unfortunately, many victims accept this as their cultural norm how their society functions in domestic relations and continue to tolerate beyond their physical and emotional capacity. The long term healthcare effects and costs are surprising whereas means to create awareness, educate and prevent violent behavior has less cost to society and perhaps can prevent the repeated cycle in due time. This documentary also emphasizes the importance of positive male role models and how they can be critical in mentoring those who can adopt a behavior of respect and dignity for their partners.

Our movie reviews

Kirk Ponton


Aggie Sung Tang

Show Producer

“The Documentary ‘Lead My Way A global Perspective on domestic Violence’ is a multi-faceted view on the topic. Leveraging the knowledge of the community leaders who research and support victims and remediate causes of domestic violence, this documentary shows new developments and understanding of a complex issue. It is a genuine and truthful endeavor by a woman who is genuine and truthful.”

"Director-Producer Ritu Chopra’s documentary, “Lead my Way: a Global Perspective of Domestic Violence,” deepens my understanding of myself and this issue every time I watch it. Each time it showed new ways that domestic violence affects all of us, whether we realize it or not. The passion of the filmmaker and the compassion of the experts and survivors interviewed in the film allowed me see how domestic violence touches me directly, and across generations. “Lead My Way” gives me hope that together, we can break these chains and replace them with bonds of love, not only in my family, but in human society the world over."

Mark Snyder

Writer, Independent Scholar, Survivor

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